Home repair and maintenance is a continuous task for every homeowner. At one point as a homeowner, you’ll need a contractor to complete repairs in your home before selling it. We buy houses by the way. Hiring the right contractor for your job will determine the timeliness and quality of work done and the financial and emotional stress you will have to deal with. Here are the questions to ask when hiring a contractor for your home. Remember that communication is key and therefore listen for how prospective contractors answer your questions.

  • Check work history

You should call for references and also review their previous work if possible. This will enable you judge their workmanship and be certain that they can meet your needs.

  • Contractor experience

Ensure that the individual to do the job for you has proper training and skills in that field. This will help you avoid surprises when a subcontractor is sent over for the job. Hiring an experienced contractor will result in higher quality work.

  • Minimizing your liability

Ask and verify that the contractor is insured. This will help you avoid being sued incase injuries occur on the job. You need to minimize liability because all repairs usually have potential for personal injury.

  • Certification and affiliations.

Ask and confirm that the company has a valid license to do the work in your state. The license is an assurance that the contractor fulfilled the mandatory requirements and understands the building codes. If the contractor is affiliated with any formal organization, it gives an added assurance that the contractor is committed to quality and accountability.